Antbirds, Becards, Piha , Tityra

Masked Tityra - Male

Masked Tityra – Male

Masked Tityra - Female

Masked Tityra – Female

Black Crowned Tityra

Black-crowned Tityra










Cinnamon Becard

Cinnamon Becard








Juvenile Cinammon Becard

Juvenile Cinammon Becard

Rufous Phia

Rufous Piha

Chestnut Backed Antbird

Chestnut-backed Antshrike

Bi-Colored Antbird

Bicolored Antbird

Fasciated Antshrike

Fasciated Antshrike – Male

Fasciated Antshrike - Female

Fasciated Antshrike – Female







Western Slaty Antshrike

Black-crowned Antshrike – Male

Western Slaty Antshrike Female

Black-crowned Antshrike – Female


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